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This documentation may be outdated. Sorry if it's so :(

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First of all, I recommend you to read the manpage 
with "man ./man/man1/clsync.1".

After that, I recommend you to run command "make doc" and look at images 
"./doc/html/main_8c_a0ddf1224851353fc92bfbff6f499fa97_cgraph.png" and
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The syncing is proceeding on "exec_argv()" on this image. ;)
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Here's very short description of how the program works:

Program execution starts with main() function in "main.c".
In turn, main() sets default configuration and executes:
 - parse_arguments() to parse "argv"
 - main_rehash() to parse file with filter-rules
 - becomedaemon() to fork() to daemonize
 - and sync_run() of "sync.c" to proceed to syncing process

First of all, sync_run prepares hashtables and other things to be used in
future.. and then sync_run() executes:
 - sync_notify_init() to initialize file system monitoring kernel interface
 - sync_mark_walk() to mark all directories in the monitoring interface
 - sync_notify_loop() to run infinite loop of checking and processing of
the program

sync_notify_loop() runs sync_fanotify_loop() or sync_inotify_loop() depending
on selected FS monitoring kernel interface ("inotify" or "fanotify"). However,
at the moment fanotify is not supported, so we will suppose, that the
sync_inotify_loop() is used.

sync_inotify_loop() waits for events with sync_inotify_wait(), handling
them with sync_inotify_handle() and executes sync_idle() to process
background things.

Waiting and handling the events is proceeded with using of 3 queues:
1.) for normal files and directories
2.) for big files
3.) for immidiate syncing

To be able to do that, the events are separated and stored in 3 hashtables

sync_inotify_handle() is:
 - managing watch descriptors
 - executes rules_check() to filter events, then aggregating them into
 - marking and syncing newly created directories
 - executing sync_inotify_handle_dosync() for every event to queue the syncing

sync_inotify_handle_dosync() is just executes sync_queuesync() with
appropriate arguments to queue the syncing.

When the execution will back to sync_inotify_loop() code it will proceed to

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sync_idle() executes _sync_exec_idle() to cleanup after previous executions
of sync_exec_thread() and executes sync_idle_dosync_collectedevents() to
process new events.
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sync_idle_dosync_collectedevents() prepares a lists of exclusion and inclusion
to be synced and executes sync_idle_dosync_collectedevents_commitpart() to
commit the lists. In turn, sync_idle_dosync_collectedevents_commitpart()
executes sync_exec_thread() or sync_exec() depending on "argv" arguments.

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sync_exec_thread and sync_exec executes exec_argv that calls execvp to run
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external syncer process.

The external syncer process is supposed to be rsync or any script that is able
to handle with the task.