NOTES 667 Bytes
v0.1 -> v0.2:

* Renamed "--dir-destination" to "--destination-dir"; "--dir-lists" -> "--lists-dir"
* Renamed shorthand "-d" to "-L"
* Renamed shorthand "-D" to "-d"
* You cannot use "-ddd" anymore, you should use "-d3" or "-d -d -d" instead.
* Paths are relative, now. You may want to fix "rules" and "sync-handler" files.
* Paths to "watch-dir", "sync-handler", "rules" and "dest-dir" are passed as options (see manpage)
* sync-handler mode is selectable via "--mode" option (not "-R", "-d", "-M", "-S")
* Removed shorthands for "--synclist-simplify", "--rsync-inclimit", "--rsync-prefer-include"
* Option "--initialsync-enable" renamed to "--have-recursive-sync"