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5. How to use
6. Example of usage
7. Recommended configuration
8. Known issues
9. Support
10. Developing
8. Clustering
9. Known issues
10. Support
11. Developing
1. Name
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```clsync -l mirror -p -R -d /dev/shm/clsync -I /home/user /home/clsync/bin/ /home/clsync/clsync-rules```
8. Clustering
8. Known building issues
I've started to implement support of bi-directional syncing with using
multicast notifing of other nodes. However it became a long task, so it was
suspended for next releases.
However let's solve next hypothetical problem. For example, you're using
LXC and trying to replicate containers between two servers (to make failover
and load balancing).
In this case you have to sync containers in both directions. However, if you
just run clsync to sync containers to neighboring node on both of them, you'll
get sync-loop [file-update on A causes file-update on B causes file-update
on A causes ...].
Well, in this case I with my colleagues were using separate directories for
every node of cluster (e.g. "/srv/nodes/<NODE NAME>/containers/<CONTAINERS>")
and syncing every directory only in one direction. That was failover with
load-balancing, but very unconvenient. So I've started to write code for
bi-directional syncing, however it's no time to complete it :(. So
Andrew Savchenko proposed to run one clsync-instance per container. And this's
really good solution. It's just need to start clsync-process when container
starts and stop the process when containers stops. The only problem is
split-brain, that can be solved two ways:
- by human every time;
- by scripts that chooses which variant of container to save.
Example of the script is just a script that calls "find" on both sides to
determine which side has the latest changes :)
9. Known building issues
1. Doesn't compiles on old systems
- In this case you should compile with command "make onoldsystem"
9. Support
10. Support
To get support, you can contact with me this ways:
- IRC: SSL+UTF-8,xaionaro,xai
- e-mail: <>, <>, <>; PGP pubkey: 0x8E30679C
10. Developing
11. Developing
I started to write "DEVELOPING" file. You can look there if you wish. ;)
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