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7. Other uses
8. Clustering
9. Known building issues
10. Support
11. Developing
10. FreeBSD support
11. Support
12. Developing
1. Name
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next command:
echo '#define REVISION "-custom"' > revision.h; gcc -std=gnu99 -D\_FORTIFY\_SOURCE=2 -DPARANOID -pipe -Wall -ggdb3 --param ssp-buffer-size=4 -fstack-check -fstack-protector-all -Xlinker -zrelro -pthread $(pkg-config --cflags glib-2.0) $(pkg-config --libs glib-2.0) -ldl \*.c -o /tmp/clsync
10. Support
10. FreeBSD support
clsync was been ported to FreeBSD.
FreeBSD doesn't support inotify, so there're 3 ways to use clsync on it:
* using [libinotify](;
* using BSM API;
* using kqueue/kevent directly.
* kqueue/kevent doesn't allow to catch file creation events. However it allows to catch an event of directory content change (without details). So clsync waits for such events and rescan (non-recursively) the whole dir on each such event. This algorithm is not tested and may be buggy. Moreover kqueue/kevent requires to open a file descriptor for every watched file. So this way may eat a lot of CPU and file descriptors.
* libinotify is not production ready. There may be problems with it. Moreover libinotify backends to kqueue API anyway. On the other hand inotify support is well tested in clsync, so this way should be stable (if libinotify is stable) in contrast to kqueue direct use.
* Using of BSM API requires auditd reconfiguration. It may hopple to real audit. Moreover this's global OS setting. And using of this way forces clsync to catch all FS events of the whole system.
I recommend to use the BSM API at the moment. However when the libinotify will be production ready you should try that way.
I hope you will send me bugreports to make me able to improve the FreeBSD support :)
11. Support
To get support, you can contact with me this ways:
... ... @@ -242,7 +264,7 @@ To get support, you can contact with me this ways:
- Where else can you find me: IRC:SSL+UTF-8,xaionaro,xai
- And e-mail: <>, <>; PGP pubkey: 0x8E30679C
11. Developing
12. Developing
I started to write "DEVELOPING" and "PROTOCOL" files.
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